What is this conference all about?

In its early years the Impact Conference was a celebratory event of God’s work in and through the global workers supported by Colonial Baptist Church. Over time it developed beyond simply listening to reports from the field to now include training for all believers to become effective disciple-makers in their own sphere of influence. God’s work among the nations is still celebrated, but Christians are also challenged and equipped to obey Jesus Christ’s command to make disciples, whether locally or globally.

Who should attend?

This conference is for everyone! Don’t miss this world-class event that is uniquely designed for equipping intentional disciple-makers to build relationships infused with love and truth!

Why attend?

Jesus Christ’s last command was to make disciples wherever we go.  The 2020 Impact Conference is an opportunity to learn, grow, be inspired, and engage with like-minded believers who are devoted to being doers of the Word and not just hearers.

Need another reason?

This year, we will be featuring Esteamed Coffee, a non-profit outreach which will offer opportunities for employment to those with disabilities, and they will be providing coffee to attenders over the conference weekend! Several individuals from our Colonial family are part of the Esteamed Coffee business plan, and Esteamed Coffee’s vision fits precisely with the theme of our 2020 Impact Conference: Truth and Love – boldly standing on God’s truth and passionately demonstrating God’s love. For those reasons, 50% of the registration fees from our 2020 conference will be given to Esteamed Coffee to help make their plan become a reality! That’s one more reason you should attend this year’s Impact Conference!

Why bring your kids?

Want to learn more?

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